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The Grim Reader by Miffie Seideman

The Grim Reader by Miffie Seideman

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Many authors draw from headlines or movies rather than personal experience to write drug-related scenes, and the result may be more fiction than fact. So, how can you craft a convincing scene involving accidental use of fentanyl-tainted pot or a murder attempt with grandma's pain pills?

A much-needed resource, The Grim Reader details how to write medical scenarios that result in realistic page-turners. As drug inaccuracies multiply in screenplays, scripts, novels, and audio plays, Dr. Miffie Seideman, Pharm.D. provides writers (and editors) with the background and authenticity necessary to develop plausible plotlines, including:

• Pertinent drug facts, tips, and symptoms
• Symptom timelines
• Tips for developing historically accurate scenes
• Common street drug names and slang
• Sample scenarios to demonstrate how to weave the information into a believable scene
• Writing prompts to provide scene starters and offer practice

Combining Seideman's pharmacology knowledge with her love for creative writing, 
The Grim Reader is the ultimate guide to help authors craft accurate drug scenes and avoid medical mistakes.

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