Artist-in-Residence Program

Meet our Artist-in-Residence! Each month their work will be on display and available for purchase in-person at Nook & Cranny.

If you are a visual artist interested in being featured, email us at

Miyabi Schorn

After a brief hiatus, we have a new Artist-in-Residence for September! We are stoked to be featuring West Seattle-based visual artist Miyabi Schorn (12) for our back-to-school display!

Miyabi loves to create playful narratives featuring fun-loving cats getting into shenanigans all across the globe. Miyabi's drawing style incorporates her love of architecture, landscapes, and Manga, and her inspiration is rooted in her experiences I'm the PNW and Japan.

Miyabi isn't quite ready to part with her artwork, so it won't be for sale during the display, but she still wants to support other creative kids! So anyone who stops by to see her work or visits the artist page on Nook & Cranny's website is encouraged to donate to Project Cool, a branch of the Seattle/King Co Coalition on Homelessness.


Art of Maybe

Maybe is a Black Nonbinary artist in Seattle.

Maybe has developed their style by studying shapes and color. Maybe is a mixed-media artist, painting and drawing with graphite, pen, ink, watercolor, gouache, oil paint, and fire. Maybe creates artwork with central themes of geometric patterns and surreal illustration, playing with a more loose style for abstract pieces and a more detail-oriented style for illustrative pieces.

They are also part of Team Context, an art production group, where they have gained experience with live-painting, art markets, event promotion and art curation. Maybe currently works out of Six of Pikes Studios in Capitol Hill.

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Kyle Taylor Morrow

My name is Kyle Taylor Morrow (he/they). I grew up in Texas, graduated from art school in Mississippi, and moved to Seattle in 2017. I’ve made drawings, designs, installations, and sounds, but two aspects of visual art I always return to are texture and color. My new series, OOEY GOOEY, involves a lot of paint and canvases, although I wouldn’t say I’m a painter… more like, a bloopy glooper kinda guy. I do a little smooshy wooshy, you know? Sometimes the process is also a bit like drawing, but instead of a pen or pencil I’m using an absolute mess. I initially set out to make some cute dioramas depicting the aftermath of a gum volcano erupting over a valley of toys, and in that, I’d say I succeeded. Anyways, did you know that if you think about licking something then your tongue will know what it feels like?! AAAHHH. I hope you enjoy OOEY GOOEY. To see more of my work, visit my website - - and follow me on instagram @kyletaylormorrow

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Erik Lulilian

Erik Lulilian is our Artist-in-Residence for the month of May! He is a nature and portrait photographer, writer, and artist based in Seattle.

Erik moved from Colorado for work in 2017 and soon began to pursue photography more seriously as he explored the lush, scenic parks and trails of the PNW. Inspired by the beauty of nature and the excitement of travel, Erik's compositions are focused on highlighting the beauty of the natural world and the thrill of exploring the unknown.

Prints from his collection "The Great American West" are on display and available for purchase during the month of May! You can also follow his work on social media @eriklulilian

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Leah Fadness-Biseda

Leah is a Seattle-based visual artist and illustrator. She lives in a triangle shaped apartment with her husband and two wily kittens.

Leah has been drawing since she can remember. She studied painting in art school, but especial loves exploring and integrating new diverse media into her work.

You can purchase prints from her forthcoming comic at Nook & Cranny through the month of April. You can also follow her work on Instagram @sengibilbyverse or @fadness.radness

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