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Noveltease Theatre’s mission is to create community through storytelling by reviving the historical art-form of literary burlesque. They stage unique adaptations of classic works of theatre and literature in order to reclaim and rework the canon from a sex-positive, queer, feminist, and anti-racist standpoint that enlivens and transforms classic works for contemporary audiences.

As an official bookseller partner, Nook & Cranny is excited to offer exclusive thematic collections that will be available for purchase at each Noveltease show. Check out the list below for a sneak peek!

(NOTE: Most collection titles will be exclusively available at our Noveltease vendor booth during the run of their show. They will be available for in-store and online purchase after closing weekend!)

Sleeping Beauty and the Bear Prince

March 28 through April 6 at Theatre Off Jackson

Adapted by Anya Knees & Fosse Jack

Directed by Lyam White

Choreography by Fosse Jack

Woven together from fairy tales and folklore from France, Venezuela, Norway, Russia, and the Lakota and Myaamia nations, Noveltease’s Sleeping Beauty is an ensemble-driven adaptation which follows Princess Aurora’s quest to rescue her true love and reawaken from her cursed slumber.

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Featured collections from past events

Rhythm & Rhyme: The Revolutionaries

A Metamodern Prometheus

Rhythm & Rhyme: The Troubadours

18 August 2023

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