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The Great Weather Diviner by Rob Long & Andrew Dolberg

The Great Weather Diviner by Rob Long & Andrew Dolberg

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To become a legend, a young groundhog must unravel a shocking secret to stop a weather catastrophe.

When a mysterious flood strikes the small mining town of Punxsutawney, Junior the groundhog embarks on a journey to uncover why nature itself has turned on his people. As Junior and his new friends adventure through the fantastical world of Erda, he realizes that there's more to his family and their weather-controlling powers than he ever imagined.

Junior desperately searches for legendary animal Guardians who have always offered help in times of need, but the evil raven overlord Callidus fights to protect a secret that could change Erda forever.

Guided by the wisdom of Jill, an ingenious hedgehog, Junior's voyage becomes more than a quest for answers. It's a journey of self-discovery, responsibility, and redemption. As the story unfolds, Junior faces hard truths about climate change and the environment, the weight of legacy, and the magic of storytelling. Can he step out of his father's shadow to save the world?

For those who reveled in the action of Redwall by Brian Jacques or the legend of the Guardians of Ga'Hoole by Kathyn Lasky, The Great Weather Diviner is a fractured fairy tale with a rich tapestry of fantasy, adventure, and enlightenment. This middle grade adventure is also beloved by older readers looking for an exciting story with a message.

Will Junior harness the power of his past to shape Erda's future? Find out in this epic fantasy adventure for a new generation of middle-grade dreamers!

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