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Give Me Space But Don't Go Far: My Unlikely Friendship With Anxiety by Haley Weaver

Give Me Space But Don't Go Far: My Unlikely Friendship With Anxiety by Haley Weaver

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A tender, funny, illustrated memoir about anxiety and self-acceptance from the artist behind @haleydrewthis

Anxiety has been glued to Haley Weaver’s side since she was a child. Like most people, Weaver saw the constant what-ifs and worst-case scenarios that Anxiety whispered in her ear as an obstacle to her happiness. Maybe she could dump her anxiety at her therapist’s office, or send it on a trip far, far away—anything to get rid of it for good. But over time she realized anxiety’s true intention: to keep her safe. Could she learn to let it do its job but also figure out how to live without constant worry and fear?

This full-color, illustrated memoirstars Haley and Anxiety (as themselves) and showcases their complicated but ultimately uplifting relationship. It also introduces readers to the helpful (and not-so-helpful) coping mechanisms Haley relies on to soften the edges of her mental health issues. There’s the Distractor, who wears a bright red boa and encourages Haley to avoid uncomfortable feelings by scrolling the Internet, the Liar, who teaches Haley the pillars of a good fib in order to survive at the middle school lunch table, and even the Partier, who gives Haley a social life in college but also lands her in the ER. From detailing her first unsupervised birthday party as a preteen to exploring the overwhelming life transitions as an adult, Give Me Space but Don’t Go Far brings to life the pivotal moments of Haley’s life and illuminates the lesson she’s learned: With care, practice, and sound strategies, we can learn to coexist with our anxiety—and maybe even love it.

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