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Baby Sign Language Cards

Baby Sign Language Cards

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Learn sign language with your baby!

Sign language is a great way for little ones to tell you what's on their mind before they have the words. With these baby sign language flash cards, it's easy to pick up more than 70 common ASL signs. Together, you'll learn how to sign basics like "eat," and "mommy," as well as more advanced ideas like "help" and "I love you," so you can stay more in sync with each other.

  • Simple instructions—Find detailed descriptions and diagrams on each card to help you execute the signs correctly.
  • Adorable illustrations—Colorful pictures for each sign put the word in context and make these cards fun to use!
  • Signs for every day—Practice all 26 letters of the alphabet, numbers 1 through 10, and 40 essential vocabulary words.

Order these cards for your own little one, or give them as a gift to a new parent in your life and help them communicate without words!


  • 75+ ASL signs, including letters and numbers
  • For ages 0 to 3
  • Sturdy, glossy 4" x 6" cards
  • Instructions and illustrations for each sign
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