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You/Tu by Lula Fish & Daniel Fernando Gonzalez (Illus)

You/Tu by Lula Fish & Daniel Fernando Gonzalez (Illus)

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Our first love is our parents, and after them, we learn to love our siblings, family, friends, teachers, partners… But when do we learn how to love ourselves? “You” is a children’s book that explains the importance of self-love and understanding in a simple way by using real life situations that can facilitate self-appreciation. The main character understands that he, himself, is complete. This book highlights the value of teaching self-love to the smallest among us, so that when they aren’t at the center of our attention, they understand that they have themselves and therefore understand that they complete themselves. Children will recognize the importance of self-love in their development process and understand that when they feel good about their own feelings and emotions, they will feel better about everyone and everything around them.

*Includes Coloring Pages**

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