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The Mystery at Dunvegan Castle by TL Huchu

The Mystery at Dunvegan Castle by TL Huchu

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Everyone’s favorite fifteen-year-old ghostalker, Ropa, arrives at the worldwide Society of Skeptical Enquirers’ biennial conference just in time to be tied into a mystery―a locked room mystery, if an entire creepy haunted castle on lockdown counts. One of the magical attendees has stolen a valuable magical scroll.

Caught between Qozmos, the high wizard of Ethiopian magic; the larger-than-life Lord Sashvindu Samarasinghe; England’s Sorcerer Royal; and Scotland’s own Edmund MacLeod, it’s up to Ropa (and Jomo and Priya) to sort through the dangerous secret politics and alliances to figure out what really happened. But she has a special tool―the many ghosts tied to the ancient, powerful castle.

Edinburgh Nights series:
The Library of the Dead
Our Lady of Mysterious Ailments
The Mystery of Dunvegan Castle
The Legacy of Arniston House (Coming in 2024)

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