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Restoration by Bayla Dornon

Restoration by Bayla Dornon

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Fleeing his hyper-religious family when they threaten him with anti-gay conversion therapy, Chris Brenner finds both refuge and first love within the humanist Center for Restoration. But now, caught in the turmoil and social unrest of the Trump age, the San Francisco-based Center for Restoration faces a new threat, and Chris and his friends must fight for its very existence.

For forty years, the Center for Restoration has tirelessly worked to save the outcasts of violently repressive Western religions and help the victims of patriarchal culture. But now, a rising tide of violent intolerance and hate threatens the very existence of this life-saving humanist institution.

Book One of RESTORATION, set in modern-day America, opens with the story of twenty-year old Chris Brenner, a gay man desperate to escape from his ultra-religious parents and their efforts to 'torture him straight', through religious conversion therapy. Escaping to the Center in San Francisco, Chris meets and befriends fellow initiates George and Mary — and falls head over heels in love with Tom Griffin, a charismatic Priest at the San Francisco Center for Restoration.

The RESTORATION saga presents the explosive story of Americans caught up in the on-going culture war between the humanist principles of the Enlightenment that empower America's Constitution on one side, and the dark intertwined forces of Christofascism and racism on the other.
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