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Open Book Chocolates

Open Book Chocolates

Open Book Chocolates

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Handmade, Bean-to-Bar, Fair Trade Chocolate | Literary-Inspired Flavors

-Our Alice in Wonderland chocolate bar is inspired by the famous scene in which Alice comes across The Queen of Hearts' playing cards painting the white roses red. According to the playing cards, the Queen hates white roses and so, to avoid her wrath, they are trying to fix their mistake. Our chocolate bar features candied rose petals to represent both the playing cards and the painted roses.

-Our The Call of Cthulhu, is inspired by H. P. Lovecraft's 1926 short story about narrator Francis Wayland Thurston's search for the truth behind his recently deceased great uncle's papers. Cthulhu is an ominous, nightmarish, octopus-like creature that hibernates underwater until the time is right for him to emerge and cause havoc. Nori seaweed represents Cthulhu's aquatic origins, while the spicy kick of ginger expresses the discombobulation he bestows on man.

-Our The Count of Monte Cristo chocolate bar is inspired by the origins of the Monte Cristo treasure as well as a scene on the island of Monte Cristo. In prison, Abbé Faria tells Edmond Dantès of Cardinal Cesare Spada, who was poisoned by the greedy Borgia pope and his son. To prevent the Borgias from seizing his fortune, Spada hides it on Monte Cristo. Even so, Spada dines with the Borgias, succumbing to their “lethal mushrooms.” Fear not: Porcini mushrooms are not poisonous. But they are Italian like the Borgias. After Dantès discovers Spada’s treasure and becomes the Count, he disguises himself as Sinbad the Sailor. Sinbad dines with Franz on Monte Cristo, surrounded by statues carrying baskets of exotic fruit, including peaches.

-Our One Thousand and One Nights chocolate bar is inspired by the collective nature of this classic as an oral tradition and as the muse of many famous authors. The tales (including those of Ali Baba, Aladdin, and Sinbad the Sailor) were written by numerous authors across many countries (Egypt, Turkey, Iran, Saudi Arabia, India, and more) and have been collected over many centuries. Therefore, we choose flavors — pistachios, apricots, and goat’s milk — that evoke that part of the world. Furthermore, the tales have inspired the likes of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Robert Louis Stevenson, Edgar Allan Poe, H. P. Lovecraft, Charles Dickens, and Alexandre Dumas — all whose works are featured in our chocolate bar flavors.

-Our The Picture of Dorian Gray chocolate bar is inspired by the character Lord Henry Wotton and how he meddles in Dorian’s affairs. Early in the novella, Lord Henry meets Dorian for the first time and requests “…something iced to drink, something with strawberries in it.” Lord Henry then tells the young Adonis, “There is absolutely nothing in the world but youth!” In this way, Lord Henry plants the idea in Dorian’s head that he should remain forever young and his portrait should grow old. Later on, when Lord Henry is informed of Dorian’s engagement to the ill-fated actress Sibyl, he drinks vermouth — here represented by one of its main ingredients, juniper berries. The combination of strawberries and juniper berries represents pivotal moments in Dorian’s tragedy.

-Our Pride and Prejudice chocolate bar is inspired by its heroine Elizabeth Bennet and her love interest Mr. Darcy. As currants were a popular ingredient in Regency Period desserts, Lizzy and Darcy were sure to have eaten them at the balls they frequented. The distinct flavor of blackcurrant and the spiciness of cinnamon represent Lizzy and Darcy’s unique, turbulent, and passionate romance.

-Our Sherlock Holmes chocolate bar is inspired by the ever-present tea shared by Holmes and Watson. In "The Adventure of the Beryl Coronet," Holmes returns to 221B Baker Street as Watson finishes his tea. Holmes helps himself to his own cup as they discuss the details of the case. In "His Last Bow," Holmes retires to the countryside and takes up beekeeping. Our chocolate bar features both the tea of Holmes and Watson's companionship and the honey of Holmes' retirement.

-Our The Tale of Genji chocolate bar is inspired by traditions, such as the tea ceremony, as practiced by the courtiers featured in this classic. We are excited to introduce Japanese literature to our collection of flavors, and what is known as “the world’s first novel” written in the early 11th century. Our “Genji” bar contains Uji Matcha green tea (made in Uji, just outside Kyoto) in white chocolate for a beautiful green bar. The last ten chapters of The Tale of Genji take place in Uji, so we can imagine the characters drinking this tea. When you taste our unique “Genji” chocolate, we hope it will transport you to another time and place.

-Our Jane Eyre chocolate bar is inspired by Jane's flight from Thornfield Hall. After Mr. Rochester's attempt to marry Jane fails, she leaves with what little money she has saved, unsure of where she is going. When her money runs out, she finds bilberries (akin to blueberries) in the heath and makes a meal of them. Our chocolate bar contains the bilberries that represent Jane's resilience and her strength.

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