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Open Book Chocolates

Open Book Chocolates

Open Book Chocolates

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Handmade, Bean-to-Bar, Fair Trade Chocolate | Literary-Inspired Flavors

-Our A Little Princess chocolate bar is inspired by the protagonist Sara’s loving relationship with her father. Before Sara attends boarding school in London, she grows up in India, where her father Captain Crewe is stationed. Even when she is apart from her father, Sara’s fond memories of India as well as her knowledge of Hindi and Indian culture keeps him close to her heart. Our chocolate bar features the freshest masala spices to invoke Sara’s optimism and courage.

Masala Chai provided by Cinnamon Tree Organics

-Our Sherlock Holmes chocolate bar is inspired by the ever-present tea shared by Holmes and Watson. In "The Adventure of the Beryl Coronet," Holmes returns to 221B Baker Street as Watson finishes his tea. Holmes helps himself to his own cup as they discuss the details of the case. In "His Last Bow," Holmes retires to the countryside and takes up beekeeping. Our chocolate bar features both the tea of Holmes and Watson's companionship and the honey of Holmes' retirement.

-Our Pride and Prejudice chocolate bar is inspired by its heroine Elizabeth Bennet and her love interest Mr. Darcy. As currants were a popular ingredient in Regency Period desserts, Lizzy and Darcy were sure to have eaten them at the balls they frequented. The distinct flavor of blackcurrant and the spiciness of cinnamon represent Lizzy and Darcy’s unique, turbulent, and passionate romance.

-OurThe Call of Cthulhu, is inspired by H. P. Lovecraft's 1926 short story about narrator Francis Wayland Thurston's search for the truth behind his recently deceased great uncle's papers. Cthulhu is an ominous, nightmarish, octopus-like creature that hibernates underwater until the time is right for him to emerge and cause havoc. Nori seaweed represents Cthulhu's aquatic origins, while the spicy kick of ginger expresses the discombobulation he bestows on man.

-Our The Great Gatsby chocolate bar is inspired by a pivotal scene in which Nick, Gatsby, Daisy, Tom, and Jordan go into New York City to escape the sweltering weather. The party rent a suite at the Plaza Hotel as “a place to have a mint julep.” Consumed by jealousy, Tom interrogates Gatsby about his past and current relationship with Daisy. In turn, Gatsby declares “She’s never loved you. She loves me.” When you taste The Great Gatsby, we hope you’ll be refreshed beyond all heat and drama.

-Our Treasure Island chocolate bar is inspired by rum, the chosen drink of Robert Louis Stevenson’s pirates; and by the story’s tropical setting. Rum is the fatal downfall of both Captain Flint, the man who hides the treasure, and Billy Bones, the pirate that propels the young hero Jim Hawkins into adventure.

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