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My Invisible Bubble by Michelle Chan, LMFT

My Invisible Bubble by Michelle Chan, LMFT

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Children are often told to greet a family member with a kiss, or hug a friend goodbye. But what if they don’t want to?

We teach children many things, but the topic of boundaries is usually left out at school and at home. Through its rhyming verses and beautiful illustrations, this story provides concrete examples of what children can say and do when faced with everyday life situations.

Exhibited throughout the book are important lessons, helping children:
  1. Identify and label different emotions
  2. Pay attention to their own comfort levels
  3. Express their needs
  4. Set boundaries with others

This story is a wonderful way for parents, caregivers, teachers, and therapists to start a conversation with children about identifying their feelings, learning to trust their own instincts, and setting healthy boundaries with others.
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