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Evil in Me by Brom (AVAILABLE 9/17)

Evil in Me by Brom (AVAILABLE 9/17)

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Evil in Me is bestselling author Brom's newest novel of possession, damnation, and rock-n-roll where one woman must get the world singing in order to save her soul.

This devilish tale includes nearly two dozen of Brom’s immersive paintings and brilliant endpapers

Aspiring musician Ruby Tucker has had enough of her small rural town and dysfunctional family. But a falling out with her best friend and bandmate has killed her dreams of escaping and making it big in the Atlanta punk scene.

While helping her eccentric neighbor organize his religious artifacts, an ancient ring clamps down on her finger―possessing her with the spirit of a blood-thirsty demon. There’s no exorcizing it unless hundreds of people chant a spell to set Ruby free. And what’s worse, the ring is a beacon for evil, drawing an unimaginably wicked mob straight to Ruby, hungry for her flesh.

If Ruby can get her band back together, she has a shot at salvation. It's time for her to face the music and put her whole soul into a song―one powerful enough to raise some Hell.

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