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Meet the Author: Michael Shurgot

Meet the Author: Michael Shurgot

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Nook & Cranny is thrilled to be hosting local author and scholar Michael Shurgot to celebrate the launch of his second novel, Raven Mountain: a Mythic Tale! Join us for a reading, Q&A, and get your signed copies!

Date: December 14, 2023
Time: Doors at 6:30pm

Address: Nook & Cranny Books 324 15th Ave E, Seattle 98112
Questions? Contact us at 425-780-6027 or

Our space is wheelchair accessible, but we are very small and navigation can be tight. Please let us know in the comment section if you need a spot reserved for you.
Children and service animals (not ESA) are welcome. Due to space limitations, no pets or strollers, please.

RSVP and preorder your copy today!

ABOUT THE BOOK: When Johnny Redfeather, an Irish/Cheyenne Civil War veteran, and Union Colonel William Swanson escaped from Lawton Prison in Georgia in late 1864, Redfeather killed a young guard named Hank Bulger. Vowing revenge for his brother's death, Jake Bulger pursues Redfeather and Swanson to Green River in 1867. After learning that Bulger has killed Swanson, Redfeather and an orphan named Amanda retreat to his cabin high up on Raven Mountain. There, in a desperate attempt to protect everything he cherishes, while trying to preserve his own Native heritage, Redfeather begs his gods and the mountain itself to protect them.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Michael Shurgot has published three scholarly books on Shakespeare; several essays on baseball; a memoir, "Could You Be Starting from Somewhere Else? Sketches from Buffalo and Beyond"; and two novels: Green River Saga (2020), and Raven Mountain: A Mythic Tale (2023). He teaches Shakespeare and modern fiction at Lifetime Learning Center in Seattle.


"Michael Shurgot, a noted Shakespearean scholar, proves he is equally accomplished as a teller of tales. His novel, Raven Mountain, contains a rich cast of characters caught-up in a post-Civil War story as the residue of the conflict moves west into the mountains of Wyoming. Shurgot creates one of those uniquely American tragic figures caught between cultures, traditions, and ethnic origins: Johnny O'Shaughnessy Redfeather.  Redfeather's saga will be of interest for readers from eight to eighty with the added benefit of treating Native culture and religion respectfully. If you love the west and the western, this novel deserves a place of pride in your library."

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