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Cool Cuisine by Laura Stec & Eugene Cordero

Cool Cuisine by Laura Stec & Eugene Cordero

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Cool Cuisine Taking the Bite Out of Global Warming is a smorgasbord of scientific fact and culinary art where the reader learns new ways to look at the climate crisis. It is a quick, enjoyable, informative read, and is an entry point for readers new to the issues. It inspires personal life changes with in-depth research, easy recipes, ideas for your next book group "read and eat" tasting party, and simple tips on how to cook a global-cooling cuisine.

The book presents the full cycle on how our agrochemical food system affects global warming and how global warming affects the food system. The reader embarks on a scientific and culinary exploration that feeds mind and mouth with art, science, food lore, culinary tips, and recipes on how to cook low carbon, high-flavor, high-vibe meals.

Laura Stec is a San Francisco Bay Area chef and environmental advocate who enjoys teaching students about the artistry, health, and energetics of cooking. Stec has more than twenty-four years in the food industry and trained at the Culinary Institute of America, the School of Natural Cookery, and the Vega Macrobiotic Center. She has worked at many restaurants and schools including Draeger's Culinary Center, The Flea St. Café and the Left Bank, all of Menlo Park, Ca. Contemporary-nutritional, high-vibe organic, California cuisine is Laura's specialty. She also hosts "From the Farm," a pilot TV cooking show that visits Bay Area farms.

Dr. Eugene Cordero is an associate professor in the Meteorology Department at San Jose State University in California. His research interests are focused on understanding the natural and anthropogenic processes responsible for long-term changes in climate through the use of atmospheric models. Dr. Cordero teaches courses in climate change and is also involved in various projects working to improve public understanding of the science and solutions of global warming.

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