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Chill Out & Stop Making This Weird by Kelly Olson

Chill Out & Stop Making This Weird by Kelly Olson

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Maddie thought trying to survive the last day of the puberty unit at school was going to be her biggest challenge until the question dropped from the sky like an atomic bomb hitting the lunch table. “Maddie, have you had your period yet?” Maddie always resorted to humor with a dash of sass to get through every awkward moment, but suddenly being clueless and braless wasn’t so funny. Will the lovable and confused Maddie endure of menstruation talk? A bra fitting? Her first big pimple? Will she pass the final puberty test or have to take the class over again in the summer with Zach? Isn’t there a puberty survival manual filled with step-by-step instructions on how to endure this awkward life experience? Where’s one when you desperately need one?

Chill Out & Stop Making This Weird: A Girl's Survival Guide Extraordinaire takes you on a pubescent girl's heart-felt and humorous journey as she realistically navigates the complexities of puberty.

This book aligns with National Health Education Standards and it delivers what tweens/teens secretively want to know, in a safe, light-hearted way. Discussion questions are provided at the end of the book for adults to facilitate conversation with kids and a portion of each book sale is donated to the nonprofit Days for Girls International to help end period poverty.
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