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Brujo: Eye of the Raven by Jann Arrington-Wolcott

Brujo: Eye of the Raven by Jann Arrington-Wolcott

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Brujo, Sp., n., sorcerer, witch doctor, one who works black magic

Lee Lindsay is a level headed, competent woman-publisher of a successful magazine in Santa Fe, New Mexico, wife of a prominent scientist and mother of a teenage daughter. But her well-ordered world is shattered when she travels to the isolated mountain village of Cavado to interview Juan Mascareñas, a local historian and rumored healer or curandero.

The village seems strangely deserted when she arrives and the charismatic Mascareñas is not at all what she expected. The interview quickly takes a shocking turn that will confuse and haunt Lee in the days to come. Inexplicable things began happening; she experiences strange flashbacks to what might be a past life, an ominous raven watches her by day and invades her dreams at night. Sexual obsession turns to terror, as Lee must fight to save herself and the lives of those she loves.

Made into a TV movie, Seduced by Evil, when first released in 1995, author of Deathmark, Jann Arrington-Wolcott has at last returned to what she always intended to be a trilogy. She offers this revised version of the original novel as a doorway-beckoning readers to follow her into a world of mystery where science and sorcery collide.

Filled with dark magic, passion, and deadly obsession, Brujo, Eye of the Raven wraps itself around the reader's imagination and never lets go. This enthralling story, enhanced by the author's insights into American Indian witchery and shape shifting, is sexy, scary and intriguing. I recommend it for anyone who loves the paranormal.- Anne Hillerman, author of Rock with Wings and Spider Woman's Daughter

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